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Customized Poker Chips For Businesses: A New Marketing Tool?

While back in the days, poker chips were associated with casinos and professional tournaments;
nowadays they are becoming more popular within the general public. In fact, as individuals become
more aware that poker is not all about winning but also about having fun, chips are no longer associated
with pure gaming purposes.

Therefore, an explanation for the sudden increase in customized poker chips demand resides in the fact
that people started realizing the endless personalization options coupled with them. Because chips can
come in a wide variation of colors and accompanying texts, many businesses are nowadays including
customized poker chips in their corporate promotional gift basket.

Purchasing the poker chips

Ordering customized chips for promotional purposes is a simple and straightforward task. First of all,
you will need to find a company that specializes in creating monogrammed poker chips in order to be
certain of the quality of the chips. Afterwards, you will need to work with the custom poker chip services
and select the appropriate customization options – select the color and design that is associated with
your brand and company, indicate your representative denomination as well as the initials and order a
sample to determine if you are satisfied with the results.

Should you have the company’s logo embedded on the chips?

In case you are planning a business event – such as a dance or dinner – then the chips with your
business’ logo on them are ideal free souvenirs, tokens or door gifts. Therefore, if you have an employee
or client get-together any time soon, then you should consider placing an order for monogrammed
poker chips. On a side note, know that a custom image die is needed whether you need to order
monogrammed poker chips, so as to be sure of the print’s durability and quality.

What matters most about poker chips is their quality!

However, if you are considering including custom poker chips in your next marketing campaign, then
you should know that, similar to the other gifts in the basket, the chips will reflect the image of your
business. Consequentially, you need to make sure that the chips are of great quality as well as respect
the feel and weight of the real casino chips, especially if you want to convince a tough audience in a
highly competitive niche. In addition, since poker is a rather popular game these days and chances are a
large portion of your clients already has a customized set of chips at home, you simply cannot afford to
make a bad impression by offering them low quality chips.

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