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Choosing the Right Chip Set and Poker Table

In the opinion of any player who can earn a buck playing poker, perhaps the two most essential pieces of equipment required to play poker are the chips and the casino poker tables. If these two items are there in your game room, there is not a single game of poker that you cannot play. There are probably a few things that you need to know about the poker tables: when it comes to buying an actual poker table, there are a few different factors that you have in front of you, but it all depends mainly three basic factors.

These factors will decide what kind of table that you guy, where you can buy it from, and how and for what purposes you will be using the table for. These factors are stated as follows:

Size: This factor is mainly dependent on two things; the number of people who will be sitting around the table playing poker and the size of the room – whether you have enough space to accommodate a huge table is also a determining factor. A lot many games from old school genres used to be played at home using old fashioned table tops or on tables that could be folded and these choices are still available at your disposal. There are also premium tables, professional tables, as well as collapsible tables – with each one of these tables having a unique set of positive and negative attributes. Once you determine the size which will fit into your home, you can choose from these options.

Price: This is usually the most important determining factor that goes into buying a table. If you don’t have a lot of money to spare on your hobby, then going for a foldable table or a table top will cost you much less than what you would have to pay if you opt for a professional table. And there is a good reason for the professional tables to be priced as high as they are. Not only are these tables extremely superior in make and quality, there is plenty of room to customize the tables as well to suit your own needs – such as adding snack holders, chip holders, drinks carts and so many others.

Quality: In the end, however, if you ask any poker player worth his salt, he will tell you that a poker table is all about the quality – not the customized parts, not the smell of vinyl. If you plan on playing regularly, you will require a table that will be able to withstand the hassle and therefore, you need a sturdily built table which will be easier to maintain as well.

Coming to the chips, there are also plenty of options – materials such as plastic or clay, colors purple, yellow, blue, green, red and so many more. If, however, you have an oak wood table and the felt top is black, go for contrasting colors such as silver, yellow or gold and the likes and you are set.

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