Poker Rewards programme at Royal Vegas

Royal Vegas online poker offers an extensive rewards program that works on points system and is automatically available to all players who hold a real money account. The points are redeemable for cash credits which have no wagering requirements before you are able to cash in your winnings.

Upon creating a real money account and making your first deposit you are immediately rewarded with 2,500 points. You will then be able to start earning points by simply playing the games available and when you reach a minimum of 5,000 points you are able to exchange the points for cash credits at a rate of 1 credit per 1,000 points.

The points earned are dependent on the game played and each game has a minimum bet stake to earn one point. The staking requirements range from one credit for slot and unique games to one hundred credits for classic blackjack and all aces video poker games. So, for example, for every one credit you play on a slot game you will be awarded one point.

cash rewardsThe Rewards programme at Royal Vegas also features four different levels, silver, gold, platinum and diamond, each with increasing benefits and rewards. You automatically qualify for the silver level when opening an account and receive 2,500 points along with the ability to redeem points for cash credits and eligibility for ongoing weekly promotions.

In order to qualify for the higher levels you must reach wagering requirements. The gold level requires 10,000 points earned in a calendar month and includes benefits such as 25,000 points reward if you play on your birthday, accelerated earnings giving you an extra 5 points for every 100 points earned and 10,000 points monthly loyalty bonus. The platinum level requires 25,000 points earned in a calendar month and the diamond level requires 75,000 points a month. Both of these levels have increasing rewards value from the gold level.

In order to stay on a reward level you must maintain the required points qualification every month, if not you will drop to the level you have qualified for that month. Loyalty points also have an expiry date of 60 days so ensure you exchange them within that time frame.

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