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Poker Chips 101

With the plethora of styles and types of the poker chips available on the market today, the simplest way to make a decision regarding the ones that are best for you involves determining the quality and the maximum amount of cash that you are willing to pay. To be more precise, what really matters about the poker chips that you are about to acquire is their overall durability (especially if you have regular poker sessions), the customizable graphic design and the quality of the materials used, which will be very
noticeable around the edges.

The three basic categories of poker chips

The wide variety of poker chips currently available on the market can be classified into three distinct
categories: plastic, ceramic or clay and composite. Let’s find out more about each type.

  • The clay or ceramic chips are the all-time favorite of both amateurs and professional poker
    players. Even though they are the most expensive chips on the market, they have several advantages that justify the price – they are the only ones able to simulate the look, feel and sound of casino chips.
  • Despite the fact that composite chips are less expensive, they too have the right weight and can confer the sensation you are playing poker at a real casino. Made from a mixture of plastic, clay and a small amount of metal, they are the most common chips used in households.
  • The plastic chips are the cheaper ones you can find on the market and constitute the ideal type for occasional and recreational players. Nonetheless, they are compact and perfect for travel. Because they are inexpensive, you can easily replace them when you damage or lose one.

The customization options available for poker chips

The simplest method of customizing a poker chip consists of “playing” with their colors. Although the design of the chip will ultimately dictate the number of colors used, the vast majority of chips have between one and three colors. Because a single color could make the chip look pale, while three colors could be too bright for the eyes, the most popular choice are the dual color chips.

A further straightforward technique to personalize the poker chips entails printing either of their sides.
While real casinos print the back side of the chips with their logos in order to prevent thefts, individuals have totally different reasons for customizing their chips with various print designs. From adding a bit of fun into the game to commemorating special events, you can print anything you want on your chips to spice up the game at home a little more!

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