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Custom Poker Chips

Casinos have long been using custom poker chips for their clients playing pleasure. Custom chips are not only for gazing upon, the customization serves a purpose. When a casino opts for customized chips, they are not only branding the chip to their establishment, they are also protecting themselves from thieves.

The type of chips used, which are usually clay composite chips are nearly impossible to duplicate in themselves. Adding customization to the poker chips makes them a much more secure playing option, which thwarts most of the would-be chip counterfeiters.

The cost of these secure chips is a little more expensive. However even with the increased cost, the combination of the higher end composite chip plus the one of a kind logo imprinted on the chip makes up for itself in the money saved from those who would try and make knock offs of the casino’s chips. Without these precautions, casinos around the world would go bankrupt virtually overnight.

With the variety of custom designs available, casinos can insure that they have a one of a kind chip which appeals to the players and provides the needed security. Design options are only limited to the imagination.

Of course, casinos are not the only ones who are opting for personalized poker chips. Many players have found that the customization of their poker chips gives their games an added appeal, playing with flashier pieces that cater to the owner’s sense of style.

If you’re looking to get customized chips for your weekly poker game, then you’ll be pleased to find you have several options, which range from inexpensive to extravagant.

On the low end of the monetary spectrum, players can make their own customized chips by simply placing stickers on existing chips. Next up the chain, players can opt to use a graphics program to create one of a kind graphics then print them off using an inkjet printer onto sticker paper. You may also purchase chip labels from an online poker supply store.

If designing and applying your custom logos, you can purchase a set of 500 composite clay chips with recessed centers for around twenty five cents each. Look for specials at poker supply retailers, and at online auctions.

On the high end of chip customization, you can order your chips brand new with either hot stamping or a custom label for up to two dollars per chip.

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