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Bitcoin And Gambling Go Hand In Hand

It won’t have surprised many to see Bitcoin becoming a more and more popular way of online gambling. The online gambling world has in some ways been waiting to join forces with Bitcoin in a bid to take the industry to the next level. For what is a relatively harmless and consensual way of gaming, the online gambling industry has been the subject of relentless hounding by regulators over the years, indeed so much that online gambling is still illegal in some parts of the United States and the world.

The link-up with Bitcoin means gaming site operators can bypass these regulations and offer gambling fans the chance to enjoy all the fun of the casino anonymously from a simple web browser. With transparent block chains, players are able to determine whether or not a casino offers fair odds of a return, with a number of Bitcoin casinos not actually paying out the rate they advertise.

One site which is taking advantage of the Bitcoin revolution is Betcoin, offering Bitcoin gambling fans a huge array of casino games for players with a variety of budgets, letting gamers look at exactly what is going on behind the scenes. As well as their casino games, reels, dice games and daily lottery, Betcoin offers new players a 100% matched deposit bonus, with 9.88% player cashbacks.

Widely regarded as the currency of the future, Bitcoin isn’t controlled by any government or single entity, allowing the community of users to maintain full control over what they have. Bitcoin has become more and more popular in recent years, with hundreds of businesses starting to accept the currency every day.

And it’s not only businesses that have recognised the popularity of Bitcoin, with online gambling sites such as Betcoin now springing up and offering the digital currency users the chance to enjoy online casinos without having to deal with the negative aspects. Gone are the days of having to wait a week to get your hands on your winnings, with Bitcoin gambling, casinos pay-out instantly so you don’t have to wait to enjoy what you’ve won.

As for how to come by Bitcoin, there are a number of websites online offering the chance to earn digital currency in exchange for filling out surveys or watching a video. So, you can start your collection straight away and then try and turn that into more by chancing your arm at the Bitcoin casino tables.

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