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Bitcoin And Gambling Go Hand In Hand

It won’t have surprised many to see Bitcoin becoming a more and more popular way of online gambling. The online gambling world has in some ways been waiting to join forces with Bitcoin in a bid to take the industry to the next level. For what is a relatively harmless and consensual way of gaming, the online gambling industry has been the subject of relentless hounding by regulators over the years, indeed so much that online gambling is still illegal in some parts of the United States and the world.

The link-up with Bitcoin means gaming site operators can bypass these regulations and offer gambling fans the chance to enjoy all the fun of the casino anonymously from a simple web browser. With transparent block chains, players are able to determine whether or not a casino offers fair odds of a return, with a number of Bitcoin casinos not actually paying out the rate they advertise.

One site which is taking advantage of the Bitcoin revolution is Betcoin, offering Bitcoin gambling fans a huge array of casino games for players with a variety of budgets, letting gamers look at exactly what is going on behind the scenes. As well as their casino games, reels, dice games and daily lottery, Betcoin offers new players a 100% matched deposit bonus, with 9.88% player cashbacks.

Widely regarded as the currency of the future, Bitcoin isn’t controlled by any government or single entity, allowing the community of users to maintain full control over what they have. Bitcoin has become more and more popular in recent years, with hundreds of businesses starting to accept the currency every day.

And it’s not only businesses that have recognised the popularity of Bitcoin, with online gambling sites such as Betcoin now springing up and offering the digital currency users the chance to enjoy online casinos without having to deal with the negative aspects. Gone are the days of having to wait a week to get your hands on your winnings, with Bitcoin gambling, casinos pay-out instantly so you don’t have to wait to enjoy what you’ve won.

As for how to come by Bitcoin, there are a number of websites online offering the chance to earn digital currency in exchange for filling out surveys or watching a video. So, you can start your collection straight away and then try and turn that into more by chancing your arm at the Bitcoin casino tables.

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WSOP Rookies

While many eyes will be on the World Cup in Brazil this summer, there will also be some attention diverted Vegas’ way as the 44th World Series of Poker (WSOP) gets underway. Anyone familiar with poker will know big players such as Phil Ivey but who are the rookies looking to make a name for themselves in the ultimate poker tournament?

Ole Schemion

One of the most hyped about players currently on the circuit. The 21-year-old really is a prodigy and widely regarded as the best no-limit hold ‘em players in the world, so it comes as little surprise that he currently sits atop of the Global Poker Index. With over $5million in career winnings, Schemion is touted by many as a cert to claim a WSOP bracelet at the first attempt. What makes Schemion so hard to play against is his unpredictable, ultra aggressive playing style which makes others hesitant to gamble against him.

Lukas Berglund

The Sweden native cut his teeth on the virtual felt, in the past three years he has accrued more than $3.7million in online poker. When it comes to live tournaments he is hardly a novice, back in 2011, aged just 18, Berglund became the youngest World Poker Tour Main Event winner, winning the Spanish Championship, making a cool €206,000. Berglund will be looking to announce himself at the WSOP and in truth, he probably will.

Jordan Westmorland

Born in Seattle but currently living in Australia, Westmorland will be making a rare trip back to the States with just one thing in mind, claiming his first ever bracelet. After a third place finish in the European Poker Tour Main Event in Sanremo last month, Westmorland should arrive with unbridled confidence. With more than $2million in career winnings he should have a big enough bankroll to do some damage.

Alen Bilic

The Bosnian and Herzegovina star only started playing poker four years ago. After being inspired by Michael Friedrich he deposited $20 with PokerStars, the rest is now history. Fast-forward four years and Bilic is now one of the premier talents plying their trade online and was at one point ranked as the 7th best player with PocketFives. Although he only has one live cash to date, Bilic has entered into 20 tournaments in Vegas this summer, so you would expect him to cash and perhaps earn a maiden bracelet.

Mateusz Moolhuizen

Dutch ace Moolhuizen made his name in online poker rooms, winning events such as the Sunday Million and the Sunday Warm-up. While he has also proven himself in live tournaments, his €117,000 win at the 2011 Unibet Open Malta was his first cash, and too date, remains his largest. Since that win he gone on to scoop more than $350,000 in live tournament winnings. It is a 13 hour flight from the Netherlands to Vegas so you can be damn sure than Moolhuizen will not want to go home empty handed.

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Poker Ace Nadal Hoping For French Open Flush

Rafael Nadal prepared for last year’s French Open by taking part in a poker tournament, and the Spaniard could be forgiven for looking to play a few hands of cards in the run-up to his return to Paris. Favourite Nadal will head to Roland Garros this month looking to win his fifth straight French Open crown, which would then take his overall French Open tally to nine, and the world number-one has made it clear he believes he is able take plenty of the skills he has learned playing poker into his tennis.

When taking into consideration Nadal’s supreme athletic ability, it’s no surprise to discover the Spaniard was brought up playing a number of sports in which he excelled in during his formative years, but it was tennis which took his full focus for the majority of his career until trying his hand at professional poker last year. While Nadal doesn’t appear set to trade his racket for his visor on a full time basis just yet, he has previously highlighted the parallels that run between poker and tennis.

“It’s no secret that I love the competition, and that’s what I like about the game of poker. It’s a game of skill that requires mental strength and the ability to out think your opponents and in that way it is very similar to tennis,” Nadal said before last year’s French Open.

Nadal revealed on his website that he has managed to find time in his French Open preparations to play a hand or two of poker, and the Spaniard looked rightly relaxed as the overwhelming favourite for the title. After winning three titles on the way to the second grand slam of 2014, Nadal will know victory at the French Open will give him a great platform on which to launch an assault on the rest of the season – not to mention complete the Spanish star’s French Open flush.

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Choosing the Right Chip Set and Poker Table

In the opinion of any player who can earn a buck playing poker, perhaps the two most essential pieces of equipment required to play poker are the chips and the casino poker tables. If these two items are there in your game room, there is not a single game of poker that you cannot play. There are probably a few things that you need to know about the poker tables: when it comes to buying an actual poker table, there are a few different factors that you have in front of you, but it all depends mainly three basic factors.

These factors will decide what kind of table that you guy, where you can buy it from, and how and for what purposes you will be using the table for. These factors are stated as follows:

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Customized Poker Chips For Businesses: A New Marketing Tool?

While back in the days, poker chips were associated with casinos and professional tournaments;
nowadays they are becoming more popular within the general public. In fact, as individuals become
more aware that poker is not all about winning but also about having fun, chips are no longer associated
with pure gaming purposes.

Therefore, an explanation for the sudden increase in customized poker chips demand resides in the fact
that people started realizing the endless personalization options coupled with them. Because chips can
come in a wide variation of colors and accompanying texts, many businesses are nowadays including
customized poker chips in their corporate promotional gift basket.

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Fun Facts about Poker

poker tableHave you ever sat at a poker table with a whole host of people and while the excitement and tension is there, but there is a notable silence across the table? Well, if you haven’t been in that situation, you are either extremely lucky or you haven’t sat at many poker tables, and we suspect it is the former. Whether it be a live poker tournament, an online casino, the spoken word or the chat bar, the noticeable air of silence exists. Even if you opt for reliable poker rooms, it’s always good to have some in-depth knowledge about the game before you play. To break any future silences, here are some fun facts about your favourite card game that will at the very least, hopefully prove to start some conversation across the table!

Fact #1

Every country plays a different game of poker. If you are keen on playing your cards and travelling the world, then you will eventually learn over 100 different poker variants from different continents and cultures.

Fact #2

Surprisingly, the oldest person who has ever won a World Series of Poker event had a vast amount of experience, at the grand age of 80. The player was as long as 200/1 to win the event before it began but he managed to defy the odds and the age gap to win the jackpot at the event.

Fact #3

Poker is not just a hit to the public, but to their bank accounts. In the US alone, the average person plays online poker to the point that they spend $775 a month out of their own pockets due to their affliction with the game. Whether they win or lose, that’s a different story.

Fact #4

This one is sure to be a debate-starter at your tables. The likelihood of you winning and succeeding at poker is not through your own exceptional play, but through the mistakes of your opponents. Brilliant play can only get you so far, but not only is forcing your opponents into a false move more satisfactory, it is also more rewarding, as a mistake warrants confidence in the first place.

Fact #5

One of the more stranger facts about the game of poker is that ex-US President Richard Nixon actually created his own funding for his very first presidential campaign, by winning none other than a poker game with his naval friends. Nixon won $6 million which and in turn he then used the winnings to fund his campaign. It is also believed that the trend continues in today’s leadership, as current US president Barack Obama is thought to enjoy an occasional game of cards himself.

So, how many did you know yourself? Chances are, if you didn’t know all of those facts listed, then your table rivals are unlikely to either. So, next time there is an eerie silence crossing your poker table, waste no time in dazzling your opponents with your poker knowledge. Who knows, you may get them thinking to the point they make some mistakes with their chips.

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Poker Chips 101

With the plethora of styles and types of the poker chips available on the market today, the simplest way to make a decision regarding the ones that are best for you involves determining the quality and the maximum amount of cash that you are willing to pay. To be more precise, what really matters about the poker chips that you are about to acquire is their overall durability (especially if you have regular poker sessions), the customizable graphic design and the quality of the materials used, which will be very
noticeable around the edges.

The three basic categories of poker chips

The wide variety of poker chips currently available on the market can be classified into three distinct
categories: plastic, ceramic or clay and composite. Let’s find out more about each type.

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Learn the Basics of Poker and Play Better

It goes without saying that poker is a game of skills and chance, but it is also true that without practicing this game you can not increase your chances of winning when sitting at that table. Therefore any occasion to play, including the new Live Casino Hold’em Poker, represents a good opportunity to increase your level and play better. As a beginner you may have the feeling that you are not prepared to face the veterans of this game, but just think that these ones have also been in their turn as beginners once, right?

So arm yourself with plenty of patience and learn first of all how to play poker. You have various alternatives of the game, and it is therefore recommended to try them all and see which one suits you the best. If you want more help into this, you can surely revolve to play online poker for free and practice more on the type of poker that accommodates better your style and preferences.

Practice is the first step that you need to take in order to become a good poker player. After practicing it in front of your computer it is time to give it a try within any casino house that hosts poker. Since this game is the most popular among the card games, it is impossible not to find a casino that doesn’t host at least one poker table. It is also recommended to have a bankroll on you when you are out there testing your beginner’s abilities.

Another way to have this game practiced is to watch the TV shows where various poker players exhibit their talent. Try to put yourself in their shoes and play the cards the way you feel you are inspired to. In this way you can check upon your skills and improve the ones you have already gained with your practice. In the meanwhile you will also acquire the qualities that make a poker player count among the professionals.

These qualities will describe you as a player who pays attention at what is taking place at the whole poker table, and just as one who just care the cards he holds in his hands. You will also be a patient player who knows how to control his state of mind while making the right call at the right time. It is also important for you to develop that insight where you recognize the odds before attempting into doing something silly.

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Why does Texas Hold’em dominate the poker scene?

The popularity of Texas Hold’em poker has grown over the past decade with the introduction of online gaming and live televised tournaments, which have brought millions of players to the poker tables off the back of this simple card game.

The main reason for Texas’ popularity is its simplicity. It is by far the easiest poker game to pick up and its basic principles mean you can learn everything there is to know about card strengths, tactics and chance during each hand.

The ultimate poker principle of beating your opponent’s hand is what drives Texas Hold’em but what makes it interesting and captivating are the hole cards. Because each player has two unique cards for themselves to combine with the five communities, poker qualities such as bluffing and folding are easier to understand and eventually master.

The combination of luck and skill is also a contributing factor to Texas’ popularity. Most players know the strength of their hand by the flop and if you’re still in the hand by this point the game becomes interesting. Poker players have to weigh up the gamble of securing a strong hand from two final communities (unless they already boast something good) or drop out now and reduce your risk.

As you develop your game you’ll be more inclined to bluff your way to the top – a skill expertly managed by the best Texas Hold’em players – and how you manage the strength of your bets across four betting windows is a key quality in poker.

Television is also a major pull. When watching on TV the viewer is allowed to see what hole cards the players individually own, which heightens the excitement as we witness opponents working out their tactics without knowing the ramifications of a wrong move.

This entertainment is transferred the to online poker table when you play on your preferred poker room. Here, on the Texas tables, you can learn those key facets of poker while playing the most entertaining version of the game, which is why it remains the most popular version of all.

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A Quick Guide To Online Freeroll Poker Tournaments

Entering a freeroll online poker tournament constitutes an excellent opportunity for both the seasoned players and the intermediated level ones. Freeroll tournaments do not involve participation fees for the players because the prizes derive mainly from the online casino’s donations, admission fees for the spectators, broadcasting rights for the major televised events or all of these sources put together.

In other words, the freeroll tournament is as safe as it gets, because the poker player does not use his own money. However, entrance to these freeroll poker online tournaments requires an invitation from the casino and the selection criteria for the participants varies from one establishment to another.

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